Friday, February 13, 2009

5 weeks down!

And 12 to go! 13 if you count Spring Break.

The unexpected event of last week was Dad calling me Friday afternoon to ask me if I wanted to go elk hunting over Spring Break. So I will be going hunting for the very first time in a month, apparently. I'm excited about it. Elk is yummy and better for the environment than beef. It's a win/win situation.

My classes are all going well. I've had a few paper due and I got 100% on all of them! I had an exam last week that has yet to be graded, but I think it went well. My first biology exam is this Thursday, the 19th.

I finally finished the enormous collection of Jane Austen novels that Mama Jane gave me for Christmas last weekend and I'm just about to start a book called The Human Experiment, which is about the people who spent two years inside Biosphere 2 just outside of Tucson. I went to the Biosphere with some members of my old Envirothon team, including my boyfriend Jack, and my old coach, Mrs. Flaccus, as the "assistant coach". We toured the Biosphere and they got some practice for Envirothon. It was a fun trip and I really enjoyed spending time with Jack, Mrs. Flaccus, and the others.

My WS class is completely fascinating still. We've been discussing the healthcare system in the US and read a book called 'The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down' which is about a Hmong girl with epilepsy and the cultural confusion that complicated her treatment. I'm definitely going to declare a second major in Women's Studies. I'm also thinking about adding a history minor... I am interested in too many things!! But it's so tempting. I'm going to meet with my advisor sometime in the next couple of weeks and talk to her about how ridiculous my schedule would be if I added another minor.

My Honors biology class has the most reading associated with it. I have 277 pages about Darwin to read this week, just for that class. It's interesting, though.

Jack spent the weekend down here in Tucson with me. We had a nice, quiet Valentine's Day together and went out for Mexican food just off campus. He's doing well in his last semester at Sinagua, but I know he's excited to graduate. He finally got his acceptance letter from the UA and he's applying for housing and such, so I'm relieved to know that he'll definitely be here with me next year.

Anyways, I've got class in 20 minutes and I'd better be going. Hope everyone is doing well!

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