Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Second Semester Begins!

Hello everyone!

It's the 3rd week of my second semester here at UA and my first full week of classes. This semester I am once again taking 18 units:
French 301 (Advanced Conversation)
French 302 (Advanced Composition)
Biology 182 Lecture & Lab
Women's Studies 210 (Science, Health, Gender, and Race)
and Trad 104 (Eroticism & Love in the Middle Ages)

I LOVE my Trad and my WS classes. Both of the professors are fantastic- my Trad professor is this eccentric, animated, spry German man who is completely besotted with the idea of courtly love, and my WS professor is a tall, wordly, steely-haired woman who can rattle off dozens court cases and cultural philosophies about anything involving women's rights. She is an amazing professor.
My French teachers are good, too. One is from Gabon and the other is from the south of France. Both classes are a LOT more work than my French 202 class was last semester, but that's a good thing.
Biology is intense. I'm in the Honors section, so in addition to 2 1/2 hours of regular lecture each week I have 75 minutes of Honors lecture and a 75 minute recitation section, which is where we discuss the readings we had from the lecture session and absolutely anything that strikes our professor's fancy. He is the worst lecturer I've had, but it's getting easier to follow his convoluted trains of thought.
I like my TA for my biology lab. She's young, animated, and does a good job of explaining our activities quickly.

This semester is quite reading-heavy, but I've still found time to finish reading Jane Austen's Emma and I've started Northanger Abbey. Some days the only time I can set aside to read is when I'm riding at stationary bike at the rec center, but at least that kills two birds with one stone!

I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping my New Year's resolution to be healthier. I've been more careful about what I eat, how much sleep I get each night, how frequently I exercise, and I've been sure to floss every night and rinse with Listerine. I have a love-hate relationship with Listerine. Well... more of a battle with Listerine, really. I can't stand it, but I ended up with a HUGE bottle of it, well over a liter, and I'd feel bad if I wasted it. So I use it every night and it makes my eyes water and makes my whole mouth numb. But I'm using it! And when I run out in thirty years, I'll switch to something less bent on killing my nerve cells along with germs.

My Envirothon team won the AZ Department of Game & Fish award for Youth Environmentalist(s) of 2008, so we went to an award ceremony in Phoenix two weekends ago. It was a fun evening, and I went up to Flagstaff afterwards and spent the next two days test driving cars with Dad. My Passat got to the point where it was no longer worth repairing and needed to be replaced, so I decided on a Honda Civic. So I'll have a car for next year.

I also have an apartment for next year! When Mom brought me down on January 13, we looked at some apartments and found the perfect one for me. It's a one bedroom/one bathroom with a sweet little kitchen and a living room. It has tile floors and I get a nice cream-colored leather sofa that a previous tenant left. It has decent closet space and it even has a (very small) fenced-in yard! So I will be living there starting in August with my beloved kitty Meeko and hopefully a dog. The dog situation will be figured out over the summer. My landlord wants me to have a dog since I'm going to be living alone, and I agree. Plus I love dogs! I may have to find a Newfie mix. They're huge, but they're extremely calm and quite the couch potatoes, so they make good apartment dogs. And two benefits of being huge are that they have a big bark and look a bit intimidating.

I'm going to attempt to update every other week. Wednesdays are my easiest days, only my two French classes from 11-1, so I have time to catch up on some things and work ahead on others.

I hope everyone is doing well!

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