Thursday, September 11, 2008


My third week of classes is (somewhat) drawing to an end. Five classes and a bit of homework stand between me and the weekend! (The weekend, of course, will have a lot of time devoted to more homework, but it's still the weekend!)
My classes are all going well. I really like my INDV (Psych of Gender) and my calculus class as well. We learned about Freud in my INDV yesterday and his theories regarding psychosexual development and his maps of the mind. It was fascinating, and was on my mind when I was doing my reading for English last night. The characters would do something accidentally and I'd think, "Now what would Freud say about that?" I have a reflection paper due for my INDV on Monday and I suspect I will write about Freud.
I have two true pleasures in eating. One is getting a salad at Core (Current combination includes walnuts, beans, spinach, some fruit, and a raspberry vinaigrette, very delicious) and getting steak fajita quesadillas with Cori at the Cactus Grill.

Some news... I dropped out of the Blue Chip program because it didn't quite meet my expectations and was too much of a time commitment for my level of enthusiasm. I'm also thinking about applying for Alpha Epsilon Delta, which is a co-ed pre-medical fraternity/honor society. I'm going to their welcome barbeque tomorrow to learn more about it.

I've got my calculus class (and a quiz) in 16 minutes so I'd better end this now. I'll try to be better about updating regularly!