Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What kind of Wildcat am I?

ASUA- the student government here at UA- sent me an email with a link to a quiz to find out what kind of Wildcat I am. Here are the results:

You are most like Activist Cat

You want to make the world a better place, especially for the underdog. You crusade against injustice. Read more…

Catch a show at student prices at both UA Presents or Arizona Repertory Theater. For hot meals, head to the Cactus Grill, in the afternoons, or a great new healthy hot menu in the Cellar, and all you can eat at Redington Restaurant. Learn to live better with your on-campus roommmate, or your off-campus roommate(s). Living in Tucson and taking classes on campus creates specific commuter needs that the Off-Campus Housing Office can help you through. Meet like-minded socially conscious Wildcats through CSIL's Social Justice Programs. Take advantage of being at a Research 1 Institution while you broaden your mind with undergraduate Research Opportunities. The Eller College is a great place for you to start your path to world domination! Get started making a difference now by being a part of ASUA, your student government! Outgoing Wildcats find tons of things to do and people to meet with Fraternity & Sorority Programs - it just might be for you!

I ate at Redington on Tuesday and at the Cactus Grill tonight (excellent steak fajita quesadillas, for the record.) It was delicious!

My INVD continues to be amazing, as does French.

I talked to Dad tonight, which was fun. He's flying to Mexico in early September, so I'll get to see him when he stops in Tucson! Yay!

I've got homework, so this entry needs to end here. I'll try to update again on Friday after my labs and baking cookies with Cori.


The First Four Days of College

Well, it's the end of my fourth day on campus and so far, I love it here!
There have been a few rough patches, but overall it's much more positive than negative. Here are a few highlights from the last few days:

Saturday- I moved into my dorm and fit everything in my room (and under the bed... Just like I said it all would!) My roommate, Mari, is amazing. We get along incredibly well so far and have very similar taste in room decor, movies and late night snack needs. Saturday night was lots of unpacking. I hung out with my friend Karen (who went to SHS with me) for a while, though, which was nice.

Sunday- I had my first Blue Chip meeting and met my team, the amazing Team 5! Our team leader's name is Brett and he seems pretty funny so far. I'm looking forward to getting to know my team and all the activities we have planned for this fall. I definitely had some problems with feeling homesick, but talking to Jack and Mom and hanging out with Karen & Mari helped me get over that. We had our first wing meeting and met our RA, Deepa. She's really friendly and sweet and I'm excited for

Monday- First day of classes! I'm taking 18 credits this semester. On Monday I started at 1:00 PM with my INDV class, which is a gen ed class. My class is called "Current Issues in the Psychology of Gender" and I'm totally stoked for it. It meets for lecture on Mondays and Wednesdays with a smaller lab section on Fridays. I love the professor already and especially enjoy her lecture style. This was originally the class I could drop if necessary but I highly doubt I will because I love it!
After my INDV, I had French 202, which is fourth semester French. Again, I like my professor a ton and I'm excited for the class. I think my French is a little rusty right now, but hopefully it'll all start coming back to me soon, especially since I have French Monday-Thursday of each and every week.
My final class of the day was my biology lecture. I have lecture on Mondays and Wednesdays and an Honors section on Thursdays. There is a discussion section for the main lecture on Tuesdays. The lecture is pretty big and the material was basic and rather simple. I really like the professor's speaking style and his personality. I just hope that the Honors part of the course makes it more challenging.
After class, I went to dinner with Karen and Cori (another SHS alumna). We ate at a salad bar called Core. It was excellent although it's somewhat of an adventure- You combine any ingredients you want with any kind of dressing, so your salad might come out tasting pretty strange! Mine was actually very good, although I need to remember next time to get more blue cheese crumbles and less feta. Monday night was spent attempting to read, remembering French grammar, and preparing for today.

Tuesday- I had my other two classes today plus French again. I started off the day with English 109H, which is a one semester composition course for students who got a 4 or a 5 on an AP English test. Normally two semesters are required, but 109H condenses it all into one semester. I do need two semesters for medical school, so I'm planning on taking a technical writing course later on. I LOVE my English professor. We're reading a lot of short stories, including one by Kate Chopin (one of my favorite authors) and another by Flannery O'Connor that I read in AP Lit last year. I think we'll be doing a lot of writing, but that's to be expected.
After English, I went to the Bookstore with a guy named Jay from class to get our books. We ate lunch together and bonded over Orson Scott Card, The Princess Bride, and steak fajitas. He's from Texas and also in a long distance relationship (like half of the freshmen here, I think). We had a lot of fun and hopefully we'll hang out again.
So you know how earlier I said I was a bit rusty in French? Multiply that rustiness by about 1000 and that's where I am in math. I'm taking Math 129, which is Calculus 2. Fortunately it has already started coming back to me, although I imagine it will take some intense work to get an A in that class. Another stroke of luck is that Mari is amazing at math and has offered to help me as needed. This class could prove interesting.
French was amazing again today, although my class is really uninvolved. Only two or three of us (myself included) ever volunteered to read or answer questions. Hopefully that changes as we get further along into the semester and people get more comfortable with the language. I think that this class and Calculus are going to keep me busy, but the homework for French isn't too hard. There's just a lot of it.
I went to the Biology discussion section today. I think it will be good if I ever have questions, but today it was boringly basic. I feel like I had a lot more science in high school than most people in that lecture and that I've retained that information better. The good news is that I approached Dr. Ted about working in his lab (he's doing some kind of genetics research) and he said it was very possible and he likes having undergrads and to ask him about it again at the end of September when things have settled down a bit.

I found out today that auditions for the Honors Play will be next Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm going to audition for it! I don't know what play it is yet or when the performances are more specifically than sometime towards the end of October.

I've still got a little bit of reading to do and I suppose it would be good to get some sleep even if I don't have to be anywhere before noon, so I guess this is it (not that I didn't write a lot haha) for tonight.

(Mom has my mailing address if anyone wants to send me mail! This is only mostly a shameless hint that mail makes college kids happy, I promise.)

I'll do my best to update again soon.