Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What kind of Wildcat am I?

ASUA- the student government here at UA- sent me an email with a link to a quiz to find out what kind of Wildcat I am. Here are the results:

You are most like Activist Cat

You want to make the world a better place, especially for the underdog. You crusade against injustice. Read more…

Catch a show at student prices at both UA Presents or Arizona Repertory Theater. For hot meals, head to the Cactus Grill, in the afternoons, or a great new healthy hot menu in the Cellar, and all you can eat at Redington Restaurant. Learn to live better with your on-campus roommmate, or your off-campus roommate(s). Living in Tucson and taking classes on campus creates specific commuter needs that the Off-Campus Housing Office can help you through. Meet like-minded socially conscious Wildcats through CSIL's Social Justice Programs. Take advantage of being at a Research 1 Institution while you broaden your mind with undergraduate Research Opportunities. The Eller College is a great place for you to start your path to world domination! Get started making a difference now by being a part of ASUA, your student government! Outgoing Wildcats find tons of things to do and people to meet with Fraternity & Sorority Programs - it just might be for you!

I ate at Redington on Tuesday and at the Cactus Grill tonight (excellent steak fajita quesadillas, for the record.) It was delicious!

My INVD continues to be amazing, as does French.

I talked to Dad tonight, which was fun. He's flying to Mexico in early September, so I'll get to see him when he stops in Tucson! Yay!

I've got homework, so this entry needs to end here. I'll try to update again on Friday after my labs and baking cookies with Cori.


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Mikelle said...

Hey Rachel,

It sound like you are transitioning well to college life. How exciting start a new part of life, I never went away to college and I am sorry I missed the opportunity to live away from home. I wouldn't trade it for getting married to Paul but it sounds like a blast. It is great to hear about your experiences and keep us updated. We all love you and wish you well.

Love Paul, Mikelle and your two adorable nieces.